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“I have owned and operated powerboats for the past 20 years and have not always received fair marine service. However, since Jeff Woodhouse has taken over servicing my boat in and off season, I have consistently received honest, professional and competent service. This has given me the peace of mind to take my family back out on the water and is allowing me to enjoy boating again.
Jeff and his marine tech Craig are so thoroughly knowledgeable that they can identify issues and recommend fixes as required rather than proposing broad brush costly solutions. He is also a tremendous source of boating knowledge. I won’t let anyone else work on my boat. ---E. Monaco ‘BiLaGio’ Thornbury Harbour”

For the past 3 years I have relied on Jeff to safely pull my boat in the fall, store it over the winter and launch it in the spring. In addition, I have trusted Jeff to provide any mechanical requirements needed in the fall to winterize it and in the spring to get it ready for the boating season. I always felt that I was being treated fairly and got good advise from Jeff. I trusted his judgement and recommendations. -Mr. Bruce Hipkins


I have been completely satisfied with the services rendered by Jeff Woodhouse and the entire team at Shore Power Services. Every year without reservation I asked Jeff to care for my boat and ensure that it was always `ready to go` so that I could enjoy my boating experience without worry. Without fail, the boat was always working at to it`s full potential. My situation is such that I reside more than an hour and a half from the marina. On many occasions I was unable to attend upon the Marina to seek repairs or upgrades as desired. All I had to do was make a phone call and the work was done as promised on schedule and above my expectations. Jeff made helpful recommendations and always guided me to the right decision about the amount and cost of work required. His prices are more than fair for the services he provides. I relied on Shore Power services for everything including storage, launch, winterization, upgrades, and repairs. In today`s fast paced society with constant demands on our time, I can recommend Jeff with 100% confidence that he will take care of you boat so that you don`t have to worry about it. I can recall one specific situation where it was the beginning of the season and I was preparing for an outing. There was a warning alarm that was sounding when I started the boat. This was a long weekend and Jeff was on vacation with his family.I contacted Jeff on his mobile phone. I was surprised that he even accepted my call while on vacation. Rather than trying to explain to me that gear lube settles in the reservoir after it is first applied and that I should simply top up the reservoir, Jeff left his vacation and came to my boat to ensure that my family and I could enjoy a safe and fun weekend. I have never experienced such service before. I have a great deal of respect for Jeff as a person and a businessman. I placed complete trust in Jeff and was never disappointed. Shore Power Services took care of all my boating needs from beginning to end. If anyone ever would like a reference, I would be happy to share my experience - Paul Richardson


February of 2013 The Canada Science and Technology Museum acquired an antique wood boat from a museum in Collingwood, Ontario. Shore Power Services came recommended to me as company who could deliver it to us safely. I contacted Jeff with my request, explained the unique situation of the boat and our museums requirements/standards for shipping. This boat (the Nahma) was built in the 1920's and is approximately 23' long and 8' wide. It was stored in an older building with limited access. The cradle it was stored on was in very poor condition and could not be fixed, a new one had to be built. Jeff offered his companies services and constructed a new metal craddle. The craddle design took into account that it would need to be permanent, museum display ready, have rolling wheels appropriate for indoor/outdoor use and would need to have clearly defined lifting points to prevent damage when being transported. The final product came out essentailly perfect with no issues and all aspects of safe storage practices were met. Jeff as our "contractor" organised the rental of a crane and it's operator to place the boat on it's new craddle as well as the transportation company used to bring it to us here at the museum. Jeff took into consideration that there may be an issue with road salt from the highways. He recommended a roll back trailler which protected the boat from the elements. Jeff and his staff were great to deal with, they took every precaution, timelines given were met and the Namha is now stored safely in it's new home here in Ottawa. I recommend Shore Power Services for any moves of this type. Thanks Jeff!

Pat Hilborn
Conservation/Collection Services
Canada Science and Technology Museum